SMB Solution

SMB Solution is an inpatient care solution for self-developed hospitals.

The SMB Solution provides convenience services, education/medical information services to patients, and notifies them. Forward, and can receive patient calls.

Key Function

The training content to be delivered to the patient is uploaded to SMB Solution and delivered to the SMB immediately.

Supports photos, videos, PDFs, and YouTube links.

Announcement Forwarding​​

Enter and deliver hospital ward notices. ​

The main screen of the SMB is always displayed.

Nurse Call​

Allows patients to answer calls from the SMB’s Nurse Call button and receive calls from the ward nurse station Call reception can be received from a PC or a separate SMB device.

Usage statistics​​​​

Patients use SMB to watch TV, use the Internet, and watch content It records the number of times and provides monthly usage statistics to the hospital.