Artificial Intelligent Medical Companion

Digitized video.biosignal-based Intelligent healthcare management System for long- term care patients.


The data continuously extracted by camera(facial), microphone(voice) and bio-signal monitoring is analyzed by Al Management System, and the video conversation agent(ChatBot) is used to communicate with the patient, the analysis data are delivered to family members, medical staff on time. By making emergency preparations possible and early detection, risk factors can be reduced and possible to prevent high risk of serious situations in advance

Digitized Video BioSignal-Based

  • AI Machine Learning-based ChatBot
  • Emotional Corversation Agent
  • Care content service(enter nursing info, educational, clinics data, TV, internet,..) and Video Conference

17.3" FHD Touch Screen

  • Network : Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth
  • Interface : MIC, INEAR PHONE JACK, USB 2.0/3.0, HDMI IN, RJ45
  • Recognition : NFC/RFID


DoctorBot Service Frame

Data transmission and management service platform between patients, guardians, and medical staff

myCompanion Gateway and Interplatform interfaces I System interworking between B2B and B2BC I Personal information encryption and security environment

  • Camera, Microphone and vital sensor interface
  • Compliance with standard data & encryption regulations
  • Real-time data-based personalized algorithm app platform
  • Predictive model through algorithm-based big data analysis

Service Functionality Composition

Patient Benefits

  • Decrease preventable deaths
  • Higher cost-effectiveness
  • Improved therapy adherence
  • Convenient monitoring

Ecnomic benefits

  • Earlier detection and lower risk of HF decompensation, leading to fewer hospitalizations and readmission
  • More cost-effective therapeutics

Physician benefits

  • Lower workload, fewer live consults required
  • Faster identification of diseases
  • Established actionable medical parameters
  • Identification of improvement/deterioration trends from continuous monitoring