About Us

ITI is a smart healthcare system and solution manufacturer and service provider.
We have been making hospital TVs since 1991.
As times change, such as Android and Linux We have integrated OS
into our TV products. The combination of TV and SmartOS is of
great benefit to our customers. The flow of the times will change
And in that era, ITI will be able to do it.
We are a changing manufacturer.

International Supplier​

ITI supplies products to several countries. 

Europe, USA, Canada, Cuba, Asia and even African countries. 

We are an international provider.

Full Stack Developer​​

We manufacture and supply many products. 

Who developed the product? ITI develops all of its products. Software as well as hardware. All parts of the product that are in contact with the user Develop. We are full stack developers

A Smart Expert

ITI started business in 1991. Produce many products and Shipped products and developed many products. ITI has been doing business or collaboration with many people. Experience is our It became knowledge and wisdom. We are smart experts.