SMB TeleMedicine solution for chronic disease management Make self-monitoring easier

Remote patient monitoring system that

  • provide more efficient health care
    by integrating different vital sign measurement devices through USB or Bluetooth technology
  • patient’s vital sign data can be automaticallytransmitted over Ethernet to web-based data center and family member
  1. Web-based three-way Interactions
    Three-way web-based communication platform between patients, doctors, and family.
  2. Medicine Reminder
    Set up alarm sets to remind patients to take pills on time.
  3. Automatic e-Mail Alert
    In case a patient’s measurement exceeds the preset level, SMB automatically send an e-mail notification to the designated e-mail accounts.
  4. Notice Service
    Receive message from doctors or family members
  5. Comprehensive Peripherals Support
    Interface to different vital sign measurement devices.